Delivery and Payment

We are shipping worldwide.

Condition of Sale and Quotations

We quote prices solely via our contact page. We return offers within 24 calendar hours. Our offers stand for 10 calendar days.

Delivery and Handling Costs

$155 per one shipment for any distance.

Purity of Chemicals

All chemicals are typically >92% for screening compounds and >97% for building blocks. The structure and purity is confirmed by NMR and LC-MS.We do not accept return of chemicals where the customer imposes their own quality parameters, unless these have been stipulated on the original order and agreed to in writing by Chemazone/Aurora Fine Chemicals.


Please email your purchase order as PDFs to [email protected].
For the first time customers the payment is in advance. We also accept credit cards.

Purchase Order Confirmation

Within 24 business hours upon receipt of PO's or payment. Please note: if we do not reply with a confirmation, we have not received a PO.


Payment Terms are due within 30 days from the date of our invoice. Any overdue payments will be liable to a surcharge of 20% per month, to accrue on a daily basis.

Purchase Cancellation Fee

We impose cancellation fees of 7.5% of the purchase order (PO) within 2 hours of receiving a PO. Cancellation fees otherwise within 24 hours after we receive a PO will be 15% of the amount of the PO. Canceling a PO later than 24 hours after an order is placed results in the full amount of the PO being charged.


Please notify us of any non-delivery or any unacceptability of goods within 21 days of the date of your invoice; otherwise the invoice will be deemed to be payable in full. Delivered goods can be returned upon Chemazone/Aurora's approval in writing. We cannot accept the return of compounds without our prior approval in writing.

Acceptance of Conditions

Placing a purchase order constitutes acceptance of all our conditions.

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